Sarah Baughman CD(DONA), CPD(CAPPA)
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Why Choose a Doula?

Choosing to invite a doula to share in the arrival of your baby is an essential step towards having a truly fulfilling birth experience as you define it. There are proven obstetrical benefits to doula support. The rate of cesarean section is significantly lowered. (Klaus, Kennell and Klaus, The Doula Book p. 88) When a doula is present, use of narcotics, epidurals and other medical interventions are substantially less. Overall, your labour can be shorter and more comfortable with a doula's help.

What a Doula Offers:

Doulas offer a unique style of support to suit your personal preferences and desires surrounding your birth and during the early postpartum period. The doula is knowledgeable about the physiology of birth. The doula provides a non-clinical type of support, devoting themself solely to the emotional and physical needs of the labouring person and their partner. The doula is skilled in the use of natural comfort measures. Doulas encourage individuals to communicate openly with their primary care providers. They support and guide their clients through the self advocacy process. The doula offers many resources to assist in the decision making process. They do not make decisions for their clients, and are non-judgemental at all times. A doula provides a steady, continuous presence during labour and delivery. The doula helps families transition smoothly into the early postpartum period. They assist with nursing concerns, light housework, meal preparation, infant care etc. following the birth. The doula builds a firm, trusting bond with families as they welcome a new baby into their lives.